Gran Domine Bilbao Hotel - 2002

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The hotel chain Silken decided to establish its first five star establihment, Gran Hotel Domine, facing the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao.

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In order that its neighboring Guggenheim did not remain as a simple anecdote, the project took in the activity in the area, not only offering the confort of a luxury hotel but also a sample of the best design in the XXth century, prolific in the creation of objects and furniture.

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The different areas of the hotel (rooms, cafeteria, night bar, lecture hall, entrance hall, lounges, atrium and terrace) were designed as independent spaces with their own character, which will form the hotel complex but without diffusing, allowing the more public areas to be open to the city and not only the guests.

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Designed in collaboration with Javier Mariscal, the project was selected for the book “THE PHAIDON ATLAS of Contemporary World Architecture”. 

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Name: Gran Domine Bilbao Hotel
Year: 2002
Client: Hoteles Silken
Location: Bilbao
In collaboration with Javier Mariscal
Photography: Rafael Vargas