Formica Restaurant in CasaDecor - 2004

Formica Casadecor_01

Project for a restaurant of the Formica firm in CasaDecor 2004. The catering was directed by the team of Sergi Arola.

Formica Casadecor_02

The only premise was to use the materials provided by the firm, so a great variety of laminated decorations and surface materials were used in an imaginative way, providing new possibilities for the product.

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Formica Casadecor_04

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Formica Casadecor_07

The space is divided in two areas: the restaurant and the bar. The first, more sober, is defined by the use of a combination of birch and Zebrano panels on the walls. In various points, undulated bands of the same material are aligned from floor to ceiling as a backlit lattice which becomes a screen emitting a warm light.

Formica Casadecor_08

Formica Casadecor_09

Photographs are present in the background as on the tables. The restaurant is transformed into an exhibition of the snapshots by María Espeus on Digiform and Compacto.

Formica Casadecor_10

Formica Casadecor_11

Color defines the bar area: a dynamic and daring space. Intense tones of laminated Velour form the side walls while the background is occupied by a translucent and backlit mural with a sequence of wine bottles acting as a great light.

Formica Casadecor_12

Formica Casadecor_13

Name: Formica Restaurant. CasaDecor 04
Year: 2004
Client: Formica
Location: Barcelona
Photography: Thomas Wagner