Roca Showroom in CasaDecor - 2005

Roca CasaDecor_01

Exhibition space for Roca in Casa Decor 2005, held in the Burés palae, in the Eixample area of Barcelona. This space was designed as an oasis in the city, a place to forget the daily stress, work, noise and hurries… A space designed for tranquility.

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The exhibition space is divided into two areas. The first includes the showers, bathroom fittings, lavatories and a chill-out area with a lounger and a glass wall garden with overhead light which acts as a great lamp. The second includes a Jacuzzi, as a small Japanese bathroom with a bamboo garden.
All the used materials are made by Roca, and the bathroom fittings, toilets and accessories are from the Frontalis series, designed by Rafael and Belén Moneo for Roca.

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Name: Roca Showroom in Casadecor 05
Year: 2005
Client: Roca
Location: Barcelona
Gardening: Inés Parias
Photography: Thomas Wagner