Salasstudio, whose team is composed mainly by Fernando Salas, Lara Pujol and Mireia Sandoval. It is a flexible and convertible, which expands and reduces adapting to circumstances, formed always by young, dynamic people, full of energy and flowering creativity.


With the aim of linking and promoting university-business world, the studio is provided with people who are completing their training. New designers are always willing to learn and have new insights to contribute. 

The studio’s collaborators over the years:

Geeta Aiyer, Valentí Albareda, Sandra Aparicio, Victoria Backsin, Ester Balañá, Lidia Calabuig, Alba Dominguez, Anaïs Eribald, Xavi Font, Lauren Fortoul, Isabel Francoy, Aleix Galán, Sara Galindo, Cristina Garriga, Rafael Gil, Hector Herrera, Miriam Izquierdo, Tomás López, Rosa Lozano, Lucia Martin, Andrea Martínez, Mireia Masdeu, Mº Paz Ojeda, Aude Parés, Aurora Polo, Bárbara Salas, Amadeu Ventayol and Yidi Zhang.